Embryonic Stem Cells

Microbial Detection & Food Safety for Facilities, Farms, Livestock, and Food Industry 

Systems to effectively foam clean and sanitize surfaces. We can help diagnose microbial levels and production challenges with leading engineered equipment and training

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Foam Trolley

Mobile foaming system for cleaning, sanitizing or disinfecting

Disinfection Gate

Mobile or stationary preventative bio-security measure providing acute epidemic control

Charm EZ Lite

Portable Reader & Incubator for Antibiotic and Aflatoxin Testing in Milk

Sensitive PocketSwab Plus ATP Test

Part of the Charm’s novaLUM® II-X ATP Detection System


Enroll:  On-line Training to Effectively Use Sensitive PocketSwab® Plus Verification Tools In Your Facility

PocketSwabs® Plus detects microbes/residues/food soils at the lowest possible level.  Let us put the most power in your hands to help reduce pathogen positives using our sensitive test.  Through this on-line learning you will be enabled to help identify  sanitation issues.

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