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Charm EZ Lite

Portable reader & incubator for antibiotic and aflatoxin testing in milk

Charm EZ Lite can make residue testing simple and affordable on the farm to verify for trading partners and customers that dairy animals meet regulatory compliance standards for antibiotic trace detection. This is a priority consistent with Health Canada’s Veterinary Drug Directorate and Canadian Animal Health Institute limiting the use of Category I, II and III antimicrobials in food or water of food animals, which was implemented in 2016.

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Charm EZ Lite residue testing can also detect the presence of M1 mycotoxins in milk. Toxigenic fungi produce mycotoxins which can contaminate the lactating cow's feedstuff. Aflatoxins (especially aflatoxin M1 ) are the mycotoxins of greater incidence in milk and dairy products. Because milk is widely consumed, a thorough detection of the occurrence of mycotoxins and adoption of measures to minimize their contamination of milk is essential  (Source Journal of Food Science 2016)

Mycotoxins can have an extreme economic impact that includes “loss of human and animal life, increased health care and veterinary care costs, reduced livestock production, disposal of contaminated foods and feeds.
By combining the new Charm EZ Lite with Charm Rapid One Step Assay (ROSA)  lateral flow strips for antibiotics and aflatoxin M1, testing is simplified, and reliable results are available and documented on the dairy farm to help prevent biological hazards from entering factories and the food supply.

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