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Disinfection Gate DESTOR MOBIL500

Mobile or stationary preventative bio-security measure providing acute epidemic control

Diseases threaten the life and health of people and animals and can lead to considerable economic damage to strategic institutions, supply chains and livestock and equine populations. Mobile and stationary disinfection gates are a suitable means of helping to reduce and control the spread of diseases.

The use of the decontamination gate at the operational borders helps prevent the spread of the pathogen from the outbreak operation. The gates are used by key installations, agricultural and livestock operations, food processing companies, and by local authorities such as districts, towns and municipalities but also by fire brigades or animal disease societies.


The biosecurity gate can provide a preventive means against the entry of disease onto a properties and farms; and,  decontaminates emergency vehicles in restricted areas.The newly developed DESTORmobil500 decontamination arch from Meier-Brakenberg is portable and has been developed for changing or rotating locations.Stationary disinfection Gates are also used. They are then installed permanently on the company premises or in enclosures specially designed for this purpose.

Safe disinfection by means of fully-automatic operation

The drive on-floor ramp triggers a  reliable predetermined concentration of the disinfectant. The three-dimensional spraying nozzles are not susceptible to wind and guarantee a spread rate of 0.4 litres per square metre at a passage speed of 2.4 km/h. The offset arranged nozzles in the archway moisten the vehicle from above and from all sides. Full-surface wetting is guaranteed for all vehicle sizes and passenger cars, even with trailers. The powerful nozzles in the floor ramp ensure thorough underbody, tire and wheel case cleaning. 
As soon as the vehicle approaches the disinfection arch, the high-efficiency sensors are activated and the nozzles immediately distribute the disinfectant at full pressure, even in front of the driver's cab and behind the rear.


Quick assembly due to lightweight construction

The transit gate is constructed as a modular lightweight system so that two persons can set up the complete disinfection lock in 20 minutes. All accessories are available and stored in sturdy transport boxes. The personnel do not need special training and can set up the gate on a mobile collection pan or an existing tray.
The spray arch consists of square tubes made of aluminium with an internal nozzle line. The pipes are first connected to each other on the floor and can be folded. They are attached to two brackets that are weighted down by filled barrels. The arch can be effortlessly pulled up by hand with a swivelling device.
The drive-over ramp consists of two floor traverses with an internal nozzle line and rubber feet that are placed beneath the disinfection arch. The sensors are then installed and all interconnections between components and storage container are established by simple couplings. The concentration of the disinfectant solution is set on the control unit and the drive-through lock works completely independently.


Performance in detail:

Square tube frames made of 100 mm aluminium have an internal nozzle string, light and stable, use of storm nozzles.
One aluminium hinged foot on each side serves to secure the arch and has a mounting bracket for a barrel to be filled for loading making the disinfection gate wind resistant.
The sensor system for the passage is attached to a quick-plug holder on the gate. It has an adjustment option and passage control for drive-through in one or both directions.
Constantly high pressure on the nozzles is generated by a multistage stainless steel centrifugal pump with 200 l/min.
The exact dosing of the disinfectant solution is carried out by a stepper motor pump with a setting range of 0.01 - 15 %, batches or time-dependent dosing can also be set. Water consumption is recorded on SD card.
The mixed solution is collected in a 1000 l intermediate buffer, the built-in floater triggers the automatic refill function.  

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