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Foam Trolley

Mobile foaming system for cleaning, sanitizing or disinfecting

The Foam Trolley comes with a 200 L solution tank to clean, sanitize and disinfect your food or agricultural facility, equipment and stables. It has everything needed on board: foam lance, flat jet lance, coarse-drop sprinkler head and rinsing lance; all placed in comfortable fasteners which can be easily changed. An integrated compressor adds air to reinforce foaming. A newly developed mixer provides very homogeneous foam with good adhesion, even to walls. 


Outstanding benefits:

  • Soaking with foam, wet or foam sanitizing and disinfecting

  • Foam generated by integrated compressor

  • Fluffy, homogeneous foam with good adhesion ensures long-lasting and reliable efficiency

  • Time-efficient application due to high area output

5 Functions combined in one device:

  1. Spreading of soaking foam for cleaning food plant or agricultural interior surfaces, equipment and stable

  2. Wet sanitizing or disinfecting 

  3. Optional foam applications

  4. Powerful rinsing

  5. Another additional option is the application of anti-pathogen agents by using the coarse-drop sprinkler head


Two workflows - One device

After foaming surfaces and observing the contact period, the sanitizing or disinfecting foam can be flushed easily away by the special flushing lance.

The Meier-Brakenberg foam trolley is ideal for all food or agricultural facilities, equipment and stables where sanitizing or disinfection of flat or vertical surfaces, tanks, vats, pens, and also aisles, ramps and silos are required. It is even possible to treat yards with the device.
Depending on the trolley type, solutions are either prepared in 50 L or 200 L tanks. A sanitizing / disinfection pump with 230 V connection underneath the trolley ensures thorough mixing of the solution. The flat-jet lance produces fine droplets at high output rates. That way,  it takes one minute to disinfect approx. 20 m² by hand at an output amount of 0.4 l/m² as predefined by the DVG.
Freight costs not included.
Stainless Steel frame and 20 m hose ¾ " included.

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