5 Functions Combined in 1 Device

The Foam Trolley comes with a 200 L solution tank to clean, sanitize or disinfect your food or agricultural facility, equipment and stables, 

combining 5 functions in only one device.

It has everything needed on board: foam lance, flat jet lance, coarse-drop sprinkler head and rinsing lance, all of which are placed in comfortable fasteners and can be  easily changed.

An integrated compressor adds air to reinforce foaming. A newly developed mixer provides very homogeneous foam with good adhesion even to walls. 

Disinfection Gate


The newly developed DESTORmobil500 decontamination arch from Meier-Brakenberg is portable and has been developed for changing or rotating locations.The bio-security gate can provide a preventive means against the entry of disease onto farms; and,  decontaminates emergency vehicles in restricted areas.

The use of  decontamination gates at the operational borders prevents the spread of the pathogen from the outbreak operation.

charm ez lite

Charm EZ Lite

Charm EZ Lite can make residue testing simple and affordable on the farm to verify for trading partners and customers that dairy animals are free from antibiotics. 

By combining the new Charm EZ Lite  with Charm Rapid One Step Assay (ROSA)  lateral flow strips for antibiotics and aflatoxin M, testing is simplified, and reliable results are available and documented on the dairy farm to help prevent biological hazards from entering factories and the food supply.

Sensitive pocketswap plus atp test

Sensitive PocketSwap Plus ATP Test

Implementing a Charm program can help identify sanitation issues

and often  reduce microbial spend due to less positive pathogens. Empower your team to take corrective action/re-clean when ATP failing results are detected. Let us see if we can lower your high pathogen testing costs.