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PocketSwab® Training for Hospitality

Employee and Manager Level Fundamentals for PocketSwab® Plus Procedure

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Service Description

A 45-60 minute on-line demonstration and background about testing and prioritizing cleaning zones within your facility. You will learn through PocketSwab® Plus testing, how cleaning staff can improve removing the pathogens that can be harmful in outbreaks and during routine preventative cleaning periods. The on-line session will help workers learn important information about microbial safety and cross-contamination. It will help cleaning staff do their cleaning jobs more effectively. Any person who works with cleaning and disinfecting in the Hospitality Industry can benefit from this program. The primary objective of this on-line session is to provide participants with the information required to help ensure quality control when it comes to effectively cleaning surfaces and zones effectively. This session is an introduction to PocketSwab® Plus technology and the novaLum II-X portable device for detecting and verifying the quality of cleaning.

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